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Discover new opportunities for your business with Shopify for real estate agents.
Competition in real estate is growing literally every day. Only truly successful companies can survive in such conditions, which work simultaneously in several directions and offer their customers the fullest and highest quality range of services. In this case, the virtual representation of the company on the Internet is also of great importance. The modern site will introduce the residents of the city to the activities of your company, will become an effective tool for promoting goods and services among potential customers. In addition, with the help of a virtual office, a specialized bulletin board can be organized, which will communicate information about new offers in the real estate market to interested parties as quickly as possible.

The development of its own site gives realtors truly huge opportunities. If you have an online office, people can access the real estate agency database at any time, study all offers for the sale, purchase, or rental of housing, make an application for the most interesting options without leaving home. With the help of a promoted resource, realtors and developers are able to place an unlimited number of information materials, including:

  • prices of real estate by cities, districts, types of houses and apartments, which is necessary so that a person can quickly and without delay select his positions;
  • data on the terms and conditions of transactions, agency services, special promotions for regular customers;
  • information on the purchase of housing on credit, credit conditions, advice on the choice of a mortgage program.

Shopify for real estate agents is an excellent solution for realtors, real estate specialists, developers, and brokerage companies. You will definitely find here everything that is necessary for your business.

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Versatile and responsive Shopify for real estate agents

Thanks to Shopify for real estate agents, you can make a truly convenient and functional resource, fill it with unique content. Developers have already taken care of CEO optimization of the topic, so you will not have any problems with promotion.

The website of the real estate agency is the first stage when the client meets the company. It is important that, according to the information on the site, the client can determine how interesting your company is to him and leave contacts for feedback. Let’s look at the key points that need to be addressed first:

  • Informative and convenient site indicates interest and openness of the company for new cooperation. After all, the company, for which the interests of the client are in the first place, is constantly developing and improving, trying to make cooperation even more pleasant and productive for its customers.
  • Official website of the real estate agency as a source of information. It is with the help of the website that we can learn a lot of important information about the company: about the history of the real estate agency, about its achievements, about the availability of awards, diplomas, etc., about participation in certain events. Having studied this information, the client will be aware of how long the real estate agency has existed in the market, what experience it has, how active the company is in terms of development.
  • Close attention should be paid to reviews. If the company successfully helps people solve apartment issues, then the gratitude of customers will not be long overdue.

The correct site template of the real estate agency will help reduce the time and costs of developing the project from scratch. Competently designed design helps increase conversion and user activity. To do this, we suggest using Shopify for real estate agents.

Rentoor is flexible and creative. There are convenient demonstration modules that allow you to easily provide visitors with floor planning and facilities. A powerful admin panel allows clients or agents to easily manage a profile. We list some features of the template:

  • Adaptation with mobile platforms.
  • High-resolution image support.
  • Background video images.
  • Select layouts for blogs.
  • Work with Google and Google Geolocation maps.
  • Powerful filters for searching.
  • Integration with payment systems.

Powerful and functional Shopify for real estate agents for easy work with the site

This theme is designed specifically for the design of the website of the real estate agency. It will help you create a great layout for personal and business use. Your site will look perfect and help attract new visitors. Shopify for real estate agents is an extremely responsive tool, fully optimized for display from any type of device.

You can add an unlimited number of objects here, blog, and use other tools that you need to work with customers. It will be easy for you to set up your site without special skills and this theme unquestionably wins in design and convenience for the user in front of everyone else.
You can also use the help of technical support – now working with the site will become even more comfortable for you!

If you want to buy a finished property site, then this is exactly what you need. This template will help attract the attention of the prospect. The advantage of the template is that you can self-place a picture or text, but you do not need any specific skills.

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