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BRICK BREAKER is a 2d game( 40 levels). where the ball will bounce to destroy the wall.

How to play :
The ball will be bounced to the wall for each block mengancurkan beam in the game, keeping the ball with the board to keep bouncing.

The game here:
Click Play on the Home page to start the game Brick Breaker, when laya open then the ball will automatically bounce out of your board, keep the ball in order to keep on bouncing and destroy every block, until you will be taken to the next level more difficult.


– Working on android, ios phones and HTML5
– Made with machine Construct2 game (capx file).
– File in the packet Capx File, HTML5 File, Documentations, And all plugin for Construct2 Game Engine
– Admob Banner and Interstitial
– 40 levels of game.
– Supports LocalStorege
– Easy to play

Product Author:Depfov