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To login against the WP instance used by the Live Preview app use the following credentials:

Username: demo
Password: demouser123456!

Firebase Authentication

Are you looking to start a progressive web app? Don’t waste your time creating the authentication boilerplate, just use Trusty and forget about it!

Focus on your product!

Speed up your development and leave the auth process to a focused development team.

Wait a moment… do you also need a chat and notifications for your app?


Trusty has a chat module called Chaty ready to use within your application using Firebase. The scalability and the real-time notifications are solved, you just need to decide where and how you would want to display it, on a page, sidebar, tab, etc, it’s up to you!


Would you want to notify your users from time to time with different types of notifications? Use Noty a built-in notifications section. You just need to add a document to Firebase and boom, the notification will appear on your app with a nice badge to attract your users’ attention.

Trusty is a framework that uses Firebase + Ionic to provide a full authentication process ready to use. Allow users to easy login/register using the most popular social networks as well as the common email/pass method.

Firebase & Ionic are free tools, so you’ll just pay once for all the features.



That’s not all! We’ve integrated WordPress login, post listing & comments. You can see comments and add your own. Private posts are just displayed to logged in users and password protected posts will require you to enter the password in order to see its content, great init!


We have added support for The Events Calendar plugin as well! You’ll be able to list and view events. Share them using social app like WhatsApp, add to your calendar app to get notified and see the event location on your favourite map application. All the relevant event details are listed as well!

The project is ready to be translated into any language.

Get the best support to solve any issue in a breeze so you can centre on your product speeding up your way to market.


Product Author:gobokly