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Spayou is an another exciting multipurpose Adobe Muse one page theme in our Muse One Page series.

This theme is specially designed for spa or beauty centers but with a few minor changes it’s perfectly suitable for any kind of business or personal presentation.

Because of the multiple viewport sizes this webpage gives a perfect presentation on desktops, tablets and smatphones.

Live edit without having the Adobe Muse!

Normally you will need Adobe Muse to edit the theme but if don’t have Adobe Muse or Adobe creative Clud account you will still be able to make changes in content in your browser of choice. How does this work?


  1. We can upload the theme in your FTP server for free
  2. You can login to Adobe In Browser Editing with your FTP credentials for free!
  3. Change the text, images and links and you are ready to go!

Zero coding, 100% editable

You can login to Adobe In Browser editing any time anywhere. Herebelow some examples of what you can do:

  • Edit text right on the page and see exactly what it will look like as you type
  • Undo and redo changes
  • Easy user interface for replacing images and editing hyperlinks
  • Faster loading times worldwide
  • Highlight all the editable items with long click on the page
  • Better tablet and mobile support

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Main features

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Product Author:magicbytes