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We all like to give our guests a warm welcome and present a clean, shining home. So when Google comes to visit your website, we can get all the trash out of the way for you.

Each redundant part of your website can pull your search engine score down and potentially harm your site’s visibility in search engines. We want to make sure it doesn’t.

SEO Cleaner will get rid of all the automatic WordPress clutter for you in a few clicks.

What will SEO Cleaner give you?

  • Better SEO ranking
  • Clean markup
  • No content duplication
  • Freedom from useless features

Here’s what you can effortlessly remove with SEO Cleaner:

  • Unused meta tags
  • Links, scripts and styles in your head section
  • Redundant server response HTTP headers
  • Any extra features you don’t use

Clean Up the Head Section

  • Remove WordPress Generator Version
  • Remove WLW Manifest Link
  • Remove RSD Link (EditURI Link)
  • Remove Shortlink
  • Remove Prev/Next Links
  • Remove Hardcoded Styles for Recent Comments
  • Remove Emoji Styles and Scripts
  • Remove DNS Prefetch Link
  • Remove wp-embed and jquery-migrate Scripts

Clean Up the RSS Feeds

Clean up your head from the feed links and redirect them to the home page.

Clean Up the Comments

  • Remove the website field
  • Remove the notice text before the comment form
  • Remove the hyperlinks from the comment author’s name
  • Disable auto linking

Clean Up the HTTP Responses

  • Remove Shortlink from HTTP Headers
  • Remove X-Pingback from HTTP Headers
  • Remove X-Powered-By from HTTP Headers

Clean Up the WP JSON API

  • Remove WP API Links and Scripts
  • Remove WP API Link from HTTP Headers
  • Totally Disable WP API Feature

Redirect Unused Archives and Attachments

With SEO Cleaner, you can avoid content duplication and indexing of attachment pages and unused archives.

You can easily redirect the archives to the home page and the attachments to the parent post pages.

Plugin Updates

2019-05-21 - ver 1.4.4
Fixed: Dashicons.
2019-04-22 - ver 1.4.3
New: option to turn off Dashicons;
2019-04-22 - ver 1.4.2
Fixed: php errors;
2018-08-09 - ver 1.4.1
    - Small code improvements
2016-05-06 - ver 1.4
    - New feature - remove wp-embed.min.js script
    - New feature - remove jquery-migrate.min.js script
2016-11-22 - ver 1.3
    - New requested feature - remove "meta name=generator content=Powered by Slider Revolution..."
2016-10-26 - ver 1.2
    - Small code improvements
    - New requested feature - remove "meta name=generator content=Powered by Visual Composer..."
2016-10-11 - ver 1.1
    - Added new feature "Remove DNS Prefetch Link"
2016-04-20 - ver 1.0
    - Initial release

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