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“Journal Payment” is an add-on plugin for Journal Research Publication, specially designed for managing a large Number of Articles & making payments easier and faster with online payment for any article/journal publication houses.
Note that, the user must have “Journal Research Publication” plugin installed on his/her WordPress Website.
This plugin can help authors/users to manage multiple articles. It also helps them to pay publication charges online to publish any article. It also allows them to buy printouts of published articles and Article Certificates.

Article Publication

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Journal Payment Support
Journal Payment Documentation
Journal Payment Customization
Journal Payment

Article Publication


  • Dynamic Dashboard
    Dynamic view of article status, new orders, printing orders, newly received payments, total revenue, and copyright document verification requests. Month-wise chart representation of orders and published articles.
  • Manage Submitted Articles
    Set submitted article’s status like, Under Review, Accepted, Published and Rejected.
  • Manage Copyrights Docs.
    Manage and verify copyright documents by accepting or rejecting documents Submitted by Article Authors.
  • Manage Article Payment
    Set your custom charges for local/national and global/international article payments. Also, manage co-author charges and Payments.
  • View Publication Transactions
    View publication transaction history filtered with failed and success statuses.
  • Printing Order Management
    Advanced printing order management where you can set a status like placed, processing, completed and canceled orders.
  • Permissions & Controls
    Control the advanced options and permissions by enabling or disabling the options like
    • Printing Options
      Enable or disable article and certificate printing requests.
    • Payment Methods
      Set custom payment methods for national and international payments.
    • Email Formats and Advanced Short Codes
      Customize email header image & footer content as per your needs. Use advanced shortcodes for making dynamic email content with custom text. Admin can add multiple recipients for particular emails. Also controls email notifications for various operations performed on user article.


  • Submit/Request an Article
    Submit your structured article by submitting a simple website form; here also you can add co-authors of your article (if any). Submitting an Article creates a new user and that user will get their login credentials via e-mail.
  • Check Your Article Status
    Find a list of articles you’ve submitted, with its current status. Whenever Status is being updated by Admin, the user will get notification Email of it.
  • Manage Article(s)
    Manage your articles with its current status.
  • Email Notifications
    Get notified with all the important activities performed with your journals/articles.
  • Online Payment Gateways
    Pay your publication charges, printing charges online. This is to make process faster and easier with national and international journals/articles publication.
  • Buy Printouts
    Request Printouts of your published articles and certificates specifying the number of copies.
  • Pay Publication Charges
    Pay your publications charges instantly by using any suitable payment method either PayU(INR) or PayPal(USD).
  • View All Transactions
    You can find details of your payment transactions.
  • Author Profile
    Manage your personal profile and all the article details you’ve submitted along with their current status.

Change log:

minor bug fixes

Product Author:hyvikk