Grigora Blocks is an awesome lightning-fast theme that delivers performance along with design.

Grigora Blocks. Go to block theme for Bloggers, where you can start effortlessly. The theme supports dynamic sidebar, full-page, and wide-page layouts. Moreover, we’ve added 62 block styles for buttons, columns, lists, quotes, separators, and headings, making customization easier.


Why Grigora?

Being bloggers, we always searched for different themes which would be great for our new projects and can maintain good performance. There are over 4,500 WordPress Themes and still, there are only handful of them that are actually usable and can perform well.

Frustrated over the same process of finding and choosing the theme, we decided to release our own theme “Grigora” (fast/quick in Greek).

Grigora Blocks has one significant advantage over classic themes, Full Site Editing. You can easily create templates and edit the whole website in seconds, just like Page Builders, without installing any plugin!

Full Site Editing (FSE)

FSE allows you to edit everything on your website, including templates. Create custom templates and enjoy customization!


Core Web Vitals have become an essential part of search rankings and website conversions. Built on vanilla JS and minified CSS, Grigora Blocks is all set to keep your CWV score green!

Block Styles

Has inbuilt styles for paragraphs, headings, groups, columns, buttons, quotes, lists and many more blocks. We’re adding more styles to match your styling expectations with coming updates.


Patterns are easy one click constructors which you can use to create group of blocks. With Grigora, you get access to lot of beautiful patterns. Whether it be Landing Page Banner or Testimonials, we’ve got you covered.

What Makes Grigora Blocks Unique?

We’ve done our best to make Grigora Blocks the fastest theme in WordPress. But this doesn’t mean we lack in design features. We have prebuilt patterns which you can import with a single click. These patterns are non-losable even if you change the theme!

Prebuilt Patterns

Want to create customized landing pages? No Problem. Grigora Blocks has prebuilt landing page patterns, including hero images, transparent headers, and testimonial blocks. You can quickly get started with these patterns.

No Jquery

Jquery is known to become a render-blocking request on your website. Grigora Blocks uses vanilla JS to overcome this issue.

Faster Load Times

Grigora Blocks only adds one CSS and one JS request over your default WordPress Theme. Additionally, it removes the unnecessary embeds. This helps us achieve 500ms load time on almost every website.

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