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Hala News is the mobile application WordPress website, with extremely interesting functions. And you don’t need programming
skills, because we did everything. So just follow the simple instructions to create beautiful app for your website quickly.

Most notably, in addition to working perfectly with WordPress website. We have optimized it!

As a result you will have a mobile application WordPress website very fast. And there are special native functions like Push
notifcations, show Ads make money, track Google Analytics, Google reCaptcha, Comments with Facebook, deeplinks…

Full Ionic 5 Mobile App for WordPress - Admob, Analytics, Rewards ads, Cloudflare - Hala News Pro - 1

Full Ionic 5 Mobile App for WordPress - Admob, Analytics, Rewards ads, Cloudflare - Hala News Pro - 2

Full Ionic 5 Mobile App for WordPress - Admob, Analytics, Rewards ads, Cloudflare - Hala News Pro - 3
Full Ionic 5 Mobile App for WordPress - Admob, Analytics, Rewards ads, Cloudflare - Hala News Pro - 4
Full Ionic 5 Mobile App for WordPress - Admob, Analytics, Rewards ads, Cloudflare - Hala News Pro - 5

Full Ionic 5 Mobile App for WordPress - Admob, Analytics, Rewards ads, Cloudflare - Hala News Pro - 6 Full Ionic 5 Mobile App for WordPress - Admob, Analytics, Rewards ads, Cloudflare - Hala News Pro - 7 Full Ionic 5 Mobile App for WordPress - Admob, Analytics, Rewards ads, Cloudflare - Hala News Pro - 8 Full Ionic 5 Mobile App for WordPress - Admob, Analytics, Rewards ads, Cloudflare - Hala News Pro - 9

Table of Content

First Of All Try Before You Buy – top

Benefit Of Mobile Application WordPress – top

  • Build application WordPress for most of all platforms Android, iOS, PWA,…
  • Connect to any WordPress news website, any themes, any plugins,…
  • Mobile application WordPress website available to every country, everyone, any languages, RTL support,…
  • Ionic Easy to customize. Build application WordPress website no code knowledge required.
  • While detailed documentation, step-by-step with images and videos. So anyone can create mobile application.
  • Perfect Optimizer WordPress, also Mobile Smart Cache Support. Only 4kb data per 10 posts.

Benefit Of Our Customers – top

  • The most quality products, latest technology, lifetime updates.
  • Professional Support, Quick Support. And we can support all your question.
  • We always listen to your ideas, it’s a good idea that we can integrate into the product.
  • Keep in mind that we can customize everything.

Salient Features – top

  • Multiple languages all users around the world can use your app
  • Super offline mode read content without network connection
  • Support Login & Login with Social, complete authentication support
  • Auto push notifications, notifications manager. You can send a message to a user’s device every time or schedule
    settings, send a welcome message automatically
  • Cache system that save mobile data, load content quickly. Data, photos will be saved on device. Help save website resources
    and speed up
  • Google Admob banner ads, interstitial and Rewards ads.
    Set up your native ads in the posts content, show ads from Google to monetize your app
  • Support
    Contact form 7 & Google reCaptcha. Great function allows users to contact right through the application,
    not afraid of spam
  • Google Analytics monitor, analyze user behavior, correct approach. Get the behavior, the interest of the user
    to have the wonderful campaign
  • Comment with Facebook, Moderation Tool no spam concerns, get Facebook notifications when someone comment
  • Deeplinks integrated enhance your website connection and application. Users can open the application from your
  • Homepage with
    swipe tabs smooth motion, support preloaded content. Save time and have the most beautiful view
  • Support
    multiple posts templates such as List, List reverse, Card, Column. Users can choose the template they like
  • Clear cache reload image from server. Combined with
    Smart cache so that the application can be optimized and also can update the image at any time
  • Describe categories, subscribe categories get notifications. As a result, users are always get notifications about the
    information they are interested in

Features List – top

  • Connect to any WordPress website, any themes, any plugins
  • Optimized WordPress, speed up application smoothly. In addition to the beautiful interface, the application has a strong
    backend. Which makes it a great app
  • Intro page, beautiful intro design for your application
  • Share posts, detail with night mode support. Read support for users, allowing to share posts url everywhere
  • Comment WordPress reply supported. Beautiful interface and perfect combination of WordPress commenting function
  • Get list categories from WordPress website, allow sort categories. Arrange to place the categories of interest on the top.
  • Get list sub categories show in sidemenu, setup categories featured image, change category images on WordPress
  • Get list pages and Smart management on WordPress allows you to display any page you want. Something like Terms & Conditions
    and Privacy Policy,…
  • Change font size application. Of course, this function is indispensable in every news application. It will be very useful
    for users
  • Sidemenu left with sidemenu right and sub sidemenu. Make the most of this great functionality to enhance UI / UX
  • Play video and view images. Moreover users can zoom in to look good, it is also possible to share with others
  • Favorites page allows the user to display articles from favorite categories
  • Go to top component each time users scroll down will show button back to top. Simple function but indispensable
  • Search post and save history recent, search in categories supported
  • Bookmark read offline, search in bookmark, delete and clear bookmark
  • Share and Rating App on Google play or Apple store.
  • Pull to refresh data, scroll to bottom load more data.
  • Support all features of WordPress, flexible customization.
  • Built with Ionic 3, Ionic UI Components allow you to quickly construct an interface for your app.
  • Cordova Plugin & Ionic Native that make adding any native functionality you need to your Ionic mobile app easy.
  • SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) fast customize our themes or even make new.

Instructions – top

  • First, buy this product get the project file.
  • Then extract project, view the document with web browser and perform step-by-step.
  • If it is difficult, please create a ticket at
  • Enjoy!

Changelog – top

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


– Update cordova-android platform 10 and plugins

– Improve code logic


– Support Admob iOS 14 transparency

– Support Cloudflare firewall / under attack mode

– Add change font size

– Improve code


– Update packages and cordova plugins

– Support RTL dynamic config

– Contact form 7 validate invalid field focus

– Add more easy customizable

– Fix some minor bugs


– Update packages, plugins, support AndroidX

– Optimized code, better, easy customize more

– Add custom font

– Upgrade contact form 7 validate

– Fix some small bugs


– Change sticky slides and menu style

– Update cordova-android@9

– Update cordova plugins

– Fix some small bugs


– Update Ionic 5

– Add Logo in header home page

– Android: add click back button twice in home page to exit app

– Update cordova plugin, hidden Facebook login

– Add alert accept Terms for GDPR

– Fix some small bugs


– Add Firebase analytics

– Support secret content required Rewards ads

– Fix some small bugs

1.1.0 – Ionic 4

– Update to Ionic 4

– Update Cordova plugin

– Change design

– Improve performance


– Margin close intro button, default disabled intro

– Support notification deeplinks without request

– Update cordova plugins

– First time required internet

– Support network_security_config

– Add list child categories in header detail category

– Update ionic-angular@3.9.5 and other npm version

– Change detail posts buttons position

– Always show banner ads, only hidden when fullscreen video

1.0.11 – Prepare for Ionic 4

– Update Cordova plugin

– Add testing ads

– Add show all categories

– Add check version update by platform


– Update Cordova plugin

– Add usage private

– Resize iframe in detail posts

– Support cordova-android version 7

– Fix some small bugs


– Update Cordova plugin

– Add SQLite plugin

– Add alert Facebook login error

– Support full night mode

– Fix some small bugs


– Update Cordova plugin

– Add css hide content in detail posts

– Add refresh pages in menu

– Change menu UI

– Change Login UI

– Change skip intro button

– Fix comments remove data back from login

– Update statusbar

– Change Rewards ads


– Add settings menu

– Load config background

– Add Rewards ads

– Add Intro page

– Change select languages style

– Optimized unused assets

– Add reading task

– Support Login & Login with Facebook

– Update ionic-angular 3.9.2


– Support multiple languages

– Super offline mode

– Copy content text detail posts function

– Fix some bugs


– Add favorites page

– Add social share counter

– Support Dailymotion embed videos

– Change notifications icon


– Add Offline mode read bookmark


– Add Facebook native ads


– Release on CodeCanyon

Product Author:noncheat