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FancyChat Description

Do you want to add nice real time chat to your website? This plugin it’s for you.

FancyChat adds a nice real time chat between your users. FancyChat it’s active only for logged in users and enable for them text chat.

FancyChat works togheter with BuddyPress plugin, so please make sure that you have BuddyPress enabled on your website.

How to use guide

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Make sure that you have BuddyPress enabled
  3. Customize aspect of chat
  4. Enjoy

Demo users:

  • demo1 – Fancy@Chat@2019
  • demo2 – Fancy@Chat@2019
  • demo3 – Fancy@Chat@2019

To can test realtime chat please login with one user in one browser and another user in other browser (or incognito/privacy window). Url to login: https://demos.enkosoft.com/fancychat/wp-login.php

Update History

- v.1.2 - General improvements
- v.1.1 - Add compatibility with PHP 7+
- v.1.0 - Initial release

Product Author:enkosoft