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Eternitylogin Plugin Redefines WordPress Login System Forever

Welcome to the all new Eternitylogin Plugin, the Perfect All-in-One WordPress Login System for Every WordPress Website. We set our heart with love & integrity to create one thing and one thing only: the best WordPress Login System the world has ever known.



Eternitylogin All-in-One WordPress Login System is a well-crafted software built meticulously on a solid foundation and runs on industry trusted framework that has been rigorously tested to be secure, robust, reliable, extensible, scalable and maintainable. That’s good news for both users and developers.

It’s time to deploy a Secure Login System to your WordPress website with our PREMIUM WordPress plugin that has been well thought-out and meticulously designed from the ground up with love & integrity to revolutionise the registration and login process on WordPress. It is fully packaged and specially tailored to take login security on WordPress websites to the next level.

This innovative WordPress plugin is brought to you by the lovely people at Eternity Global and we’re so privileged and thrilled to introduce it to the Envato community. We’re even more thrilled and extremely grateful and thankful to Jesus Christ our God and Saviour for giving us the idea, insight and the special grace to successfully design and develop this plugin with love & integrity, and for making its public release a reality and we exalt and give Him all the praise, honour and glory forevermore.

We’re also so grateful and appreciate our plugin’s core developer – Paul Kevin, whose great diligence, commitment, craftsmanship and precision eye for detail has made Eternitylogin All-in-One WordPress Login System what it is today.






Colour Settings - Light Theme

Colour Settings - Light Theme

Eternitylogin Standard Features

Non-Logged-in Links

  • Login
  • Join Us
  • Forgot Username
  • Forgot Password

Logged-in Links

  • Welcome
  • Profile
  • Change Email Address
  • Security
  • Two Factor
  • Delete Account
  • Logout

Admin Links

  • Dashboard
  • Getting Started
  • Options
    • Security
    • Forms
    • Email
    • Two Factor
    • Color Scheme
    • Reset
  • Support


Eternitylogin Full Features

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Fully encrypted password
  • 3 character password entry
  • Temporarily disable login form after 3 failed login attempts
  • Show user IP address after 3 failed login attempts
  • Show password option
  • Stay logged in option
  • Accept first name, last name, username and email address during registration
  • Allow user to choose own password during registration
  • Enforced secure password policy during registration
  • Privacy policy option during registration
  • Email verification during registration
  • Display of last login date and time
  • Set my account page
  • Set privacy and policy page
  • Set duration for request for all users to change their password
  • Set preferred colour scheme
  • Disable/enable any forms you don’t want to make publicly accessible
  • Customize email template
  • Reset all settings to restore back to default
  • Easily translatable into any language


Eternitylogin Email Features

  • Send email to user to verify registration email address
  • Send welcome email to user after registration
  • Send email notification to user with retrieved username
  • Send email to user to confirm request to reset account password
  • Send email to user about updated account password
  • Send email to user to confirm change of account profile
  • Send email to user about updated account profile
  • Send email to user to confirm request to update account email address
  • Send email to user to verify new account email address
  • Send email to user about updated account email address
  • Send email to user to update account password before it expires
  • Send email to user to confirm request to terminate account
  • Send email to inform user that account is now closed as requested
  • Send email to admin about new user registration
  • Send email to admin about user account termination


Feedback and Support

Delivering Exceptional VALUE and Consistent Customer Service to all our customers is our top priority! Therefore we’re open to your constructive feedback both good and bad as it helps us to continually improve our services to serve you better. If you’ve found our plugin to be extremely useful to your personal or commercial projects, could we please ask that you rate it 5 stars on CodeCanyon.

We promise to stay fully committed to Continual Service Improvement (CSI) to ensure we consistently deliver products of the Highest Quality in line with our 4 Core Values:

  • Assurance
  • Competence
  • Integrity
  • Satisfaction

Our bottom-line is 100% Customer’s Peace of Mind and Satisfaction – Nothing less!

Important Notice

Thank you for choosing our plugin Eternitylogin. We love what we do and we are consistently committed to doing it with all our heart to serve you better.

A big thank you and congratulations in advance for purchasing Eternitylogin to manage your WordPress website’s registration and login process.

We value your patronage and thanks so much for supporting us in creating and maintaining the best WordPress Login System on the WordPress platform. Jesus Christ bless you!

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