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Digital World – Sectioned Repsonsive Shopify is a specific template designed for Electronics, Hi-Tech, Phones, Cameras and Computers Stores.
The theme comes with a lot of advanced, useful features and lastest functions of Shopify that would bring incredible success to your e-commerce business.
Also, It’s niche, clean & modern layout helps you to display a large number of products with smart and professional look.


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– Mega menu: only 2 options.
– Sectioned theme don’t include sample data. So, the purchase package will not include sample data content such as products, collections, pages, link list, blog.

– Default theme used English. When you use other language, you must go to Language Editor to update language variable. If you use the App to create multi-languages and it take error, we will not support about the language error in this case.
– All collections block in Collection page: Caused Shopify have all collections in the same level. So our theme will not support sub-collection.
– The Horizontal Main menu support drop-down menu, but the Vertical menu don’t support it. You can check the demo.
– Please check our demo clearly about the functions, feature, layout demo. We will not provide support when you request new functions/features different with our live demo (don’t help to swap sections between home style).
– Support Response: 1-2 business day (except weekend)
– The theme not include HTML templates package!
– The theme don’t supports 3D models or videos in Product Detail page.

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Product Author:tadatheme