The block theme for creative sites with maximum perfomance and flexibility.

It has more than 12 query loop templates, a lot of predefined Post and Page layouts, header and footer patterns, style switcher, library of block styles and section patterns, dark color scheme, font selector. Theme doesn’t use jquery dependencies and any style library. All of these makes theme to be perfect if you need 100 web vitals score even without cache plugins. BlockPress can be used also to make super fast and clean Woocommerce shops. It has improved style loading for Woocommerce, better inputs, very clean design for shop pages and improved layouts for woocommerce blocks.


Theme Features

Customize Everything

Full support of Full SIte Editing, customize everything directly on page without any code knowledge

Animation framework

Nice looking animations is difference between good site and perfect site. Theme has build in Animation framework, only 2 kb size

Extremelly Fast

Theme uses unique conditional asset loading, only 2 kb required styles. Nothing is loaded until you use it on page

Advanced Global Options

Change colors and typography on your site with one click

  • Customize Typography and Colors Style panel
  • Select Custom Google font
  • Overwrite predefined Theme palette

Maximum possible perfomance

We completely overthink how assets are working in wordpress
and added unique system for asset loading

Only 2kb required

This is not a joke. Theme uses only 2kb required assets, all other are generated on fly accordingly to blocks on page

No dependencies

No jquery, no font, no icon libraries. Everything is custom made to have best perfomance.

Smart loaders

For special blocks, like Lottie, theme has special interaction loaders, so it doesn’t affect speed of page

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