This theme is designed to give your users easy access to navigation controls and provides strict styling standards so that you can focus on pushing out your content.

From small menus to large menus to scroll arrows to menus that can be extended into the sidebar and collapsed into the pop out menu for mobile navigation, the Big Scene theme will allow you to create a site where your users will never get lost and will always be able to find what they’re looking for. This theme features maximizing the use of images and videos as a way to give your site a unique look. It does this by creating a layout that adapts well to a variety of different header videos (including YouTube videos) and header images as well as background images and videos. Everything is designed with mobile compatibility in mind. Users may find that they can create a unique look by just uploading a video and a few images. It includes a sticky sidebar and multiple sticky navbar options and a slide panel menu for mobile browsers as well as multiple Gutenberg block extensions, and it has the ability to set menus and widgets in three different locations. Whether you’re interested in black, white, yellow, bubble pink, blood red, or puke green, the Big Scene theme provides multiple color palettes to get your site to match your message. In addition, it provides opacity range bars, so your background images don’t go to waste, but your text readability won’t be compromised. It also gives you access to the Google fonts free online library, so you can access the coolest classic fonts or the newest and latest hits.

Stunning Landing Pages

Set your homepage to boom with an image or video (including YouTube).

Loads of Navigation Options

Lots of menu, navbar, and sidebar options to make sure your users never get lost.

Font and Color Options Galore

Full color palettes, opacity range bars, and access to the entire free Google Fonts library to match your style exactly.

The Big series themes are NOT just glorified templates. They are high powered themes with loads of options.

Take the leap into your next theme.

When you hit the bottom, you might find a whole lot of fun.


Welcome to the instructions page. You can use this page to find all of the Big series features. Most of the controls in the Big series themes are pretty intuitive, and most of the controls in the customizer have instructions written directly into them.

Customizer Controls

These are the controls for the Big Media theme. Older controls will be similar. To access the customizer from the main admin page. Go to Appearance > Customize.

The following options are available in the customizer:

  • Site Identity
  • Navigation
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Homepage Header Media
  • Background Media
  • Menus (You can also access menus from the main admin page)
  • Sidebar and Footer Blocks
  • Homepage Settings
  • Layout
  • Additional CSS

Page and Post Controls

You can access the page controls from the main admin page by selecting Pages (or Posts) > Add New (or open an existing page or post).

The Big series themes have two kinds of block extensions. They contains additional blocks called block variations, and they have additional block styles for existing blocks.

Block Variations

Block variations are available in Big Breeze and Big Media.

To find a list of the block variations, you need to click on the “+” in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then type “bb” into the search bar.

Block Styles

Block styles are available in Big Scene, Big Breeze, and Big Media.

To find the additional block styles, you need to add a block with an existing block style, then if the right panel isn’t already open then click on the settings gear in the upper right hand corner then make sure the block tab is open. You will find the custom styles under the styles section. The following blocks contain extra styles.

  • Featured Images
  • Videos
  • Images


Templates are available in Big Breeze and Big Media

You can access the “No Sidebar” page template when you are using a page (not a post). If the right panel isn’t already open then click on the settings gear in the upper right hand corner then make sure the page tab is open. Open the template tab and you can use the dropdown menu to change the template. You may need to push publish to see the update. This has been problem with the WordPress Core and templates for quite some time. See the WordPress 2020 theme.

Featured Images

Featured images are available in all themes.

You don’t need to use a featured image block to add a featured image. If the right panel isn’t already open then click on the settings gear in the upper right hand corner then make sure the page tab is open. You can add your featured image under the featured image tab.


If these solutions do not resolve your problem, then please post your issue in the forum.


Most of the problems that arise involve the page preview and the customizer. The final layout should always work. But sometimes it is not visible in the preview. Unfortunately, the WordPress API isn’t perfect.

The simplest solution (if you’re in the customizer) is to switch another control or temporarily revert a control until you see the update take place. The customizer sometimes does not refresh the page enough. The second option is to actually publish the change.


Sometimes users find that their logo isn’t properly sized in the navbar. Your logo should completely disappear when it is in the navbar and you have scrolled down the page. You should add your logo through the site identity section of the customizer. Make sure that you crop your logo.

You can also size your logo to fit into the navbar by going to the main admin section, then select your logo from the media section, then resize the height of your logo to 88.

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