Social Seo Facebook Posts responsive timeline PHP OOP class

Requires PHP 5.3x and Curl or url fopen. It is coded using PHP 5 OOP

Use facebook as your news feed on your website. Grab the attention from your visitor and let them share your post to twitter, Google+, linkedin or lead them to your facebook account so they can follow you


At this moment apps made on the facebook developers website needs to be reviewd.
Since the cambridge scandal facebook continues to update their API so at his moment the proces how to get an APP ID and Token changes from time to time. So first create you´re app here OR use my Page Token wizzard.

Page Token

use my app to create a page token, you need to enter you’re purchase code and then click on the GET FACEBOOK TOKEN

Social Posts timeline PHP class - 1
Social Posts timeline PHP class - 2

WordPress plugin version can be found here

You can only use pages if you are an admin of that page. To test if your facebook page can be used try here and change me in your facebook name or page ID.

  • All posts are set to rich snippets for better SEO.
  • Works great on mobile phones and for the images and video’s it uses lazyload to speed things up
    (when scrolling down the high res images will appear)
  • Also the json feed will be cached.

Key Features

  • Colors are automatic (Links and icons) set based on your own css style
  • Use your facebook as your news items for more exposure
  • Any facebook administrator can then update the facebook posts
  • Looks great on mobile devices
  • Plays inline youtube, soundcloud and facebook video’s (native html5)
  • Auto start stop youtube video or html5 video
  • Can be integrated into your own CMS
  • Support Arabic, Persian and Hebrew languages (right to left)

Demo with several timeline’s (WP plugin)

Live preview real customers on my own website (custom cms) ,a pianotuning website


Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed


Changed News Filter disable to show posts with image and no text  and keep the rich snippets (may 19 2022)
Updated to facebook APi 13.0 , fix rich snippet and small css fix  (apr 9 2022)
Updated to facebook APi 10.0  (apr 26 2021)
Fixed playback facebook video's on mobile and desktop  (jan 5 2021)
Fixed embedded youtube  (dec 2 2020)
Fixed share buttons  (oct 11 2020)
Updated to facebook APi 8.0 and added share on linkedin  (sept 19 2020)
Added nofollow noopener for more security for target blanks links  (jun 11 2020)
Updated to facebook APi 6.0, fixed some small errors and updated the rich snippets (mar 24 2020)
Updated to facebook APi 5.0 and if you use a Pagetoken the name from the comments will be shown again, Removed the share to linkedin (since that doesn't work anymore) and added a share to pinterest link (nov 25 2019)
Updated to facebook APi 4.0 (sep 20 2019)
Fixed some notices and added support for soundcloud and vimeo (may 10 2019)
Updated to facebook API 3.3, a lot of changes has been made (may 09 2019)
Removed share to google plus (mar 09 2019)
Fix for bug from the facebook API (jan 31 2019)
Changed the rich snippets to newsarticles (dec 09 2018)
Updated date settings with month and year, API 3.2 and sorting comments (nov 27 2018)
Updated so accestoken can be used if app id and token doesn't work (oct 10 2018)
Updated to api 3.1 and fixed embedded video playback (aug 27 2018)
Updated to api 2.12, updated curl for slower servers and solved some missing fields problems (feb 28 2018)
Since in API 2.11 (November 7, 2017) I cannot retrieve the name form the comments, so I removed the name from the comments if API 2.11 is used (but still will get the message from the comments), also I made all profile images rounded the same way facebook does (nov 19 2017)
Version 2.1. Changed the lazyload to blazy.js for more speed. Also skipped the small preview images for more speed and removed the youtube API. And updated the index.php with the latest jquery and the readme.txt (oct 28 2017)
Updated to api 2.10 (sep 28 2017)
Updated to facebook API 2.9 (jun 6 2017)
Updated to facebook API 2.8 and fixed missing image with shared event (apr 12 2017)
Version 2.0. Updated to facebook API 2.7 and changed the the html5 mp4 video into the embedded facebook player version (oct 4 2016)
Version 2.0. Updated to facebook API 2.6 and changed the json call, improved rich snippets and added comments on comments (may 5 2016)
Fixed start stop youtube iframe, fixed setShowImages and added setDebug (for testing the json url) (feb 23 2016)
Updated to facebook API 2.5 (jan 21 2016)
Updated to facebook API 2.4 (jul 30 2015)
First 1.0 release (jun 18 2015)